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A Smart Home Solution That Just Works.

These kits will let you whet your appetite for voice-controlled home automation or wire your whole house up for voice control. Stitchy work with Apple HomeKit, Google Home & Amazon's Alexa, all at the same time. It doesn't matter if your son or daughter switches the light off at the wall because Stitchy still works.

As far as smart home lighting solutions go Stitchy is quick and easy to install for electricians, it works even when the wall switch is off,  and allows a true hassle free smart home experience.

Stitchy was designed to work seamlessly with the Hue bridge allowing for future expansion of products or devices and multi-platform control (Siri, Alexa, Google).

See how Stitchy works in 30 seconds.

How It Works

Stitchy lets your favourite smart home platforms control your lights: no matter what. The kits are designed to let you easily get set up and test out smart home tech without having to install a fixed wire or complete system.  You can get started with just one or two rooms, or get the Kit size that suits your home to control all the lights!

Stitchy gets you smart lighting up and running with voice control without having to replace your own lights or switches, or checking if the switch is even on.

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To see all the resources we have put together for Stitchy from wiring diagrams to connect to your favourite smart assistant view our resources page.